A Day at the Faire

Growing up, the Tennessee Renaissance Festival was an annual must-go for my friends and I.

Apparently, the same was true for Justin and his friends, even though we didn't meet until my junior year of high school (soulmates, duh). 

As we got older, though, we stopped wanting to spend the cash to get in. We'd seen all the shows, ridden the rides, eaten the food. In middle school, you stood out if you didn't dress up to go. But now it felt like the opposite, and it was loosing its lustre. So we didn't go.

This year was different.

I decided we should give the ol' Ren Fest another go. After all, it had been a long time. Things might be different now. Plus, we weren't doing anything immediate for our anniversary this year (big celebration to be had in June). So we went.

The Renaissance Festival as an adult is a completely different experience! We didn't realize that, though we had been a time or two after we turned 21, we were such broke newlyweds that we didn't actually buy anything or do any of the fun stuff because we were so cheap. This time, we were celebrating.

So we bought beer. And margaritas. And all the french fries.

We saw the "R" rated comedy shows while drinking the beer and margaritas. (PG-13, in my opinion. Hilarity. Axel the Sot was a personal favorite.)

We (I) bought Irish soda bread mix and homemade raspberry jam (items which would have wasted in my kitchen before).

We (I) got a henna tattoo (yee!).

We walked around taking photos, one of our favorite things to do.

And as a recoveree of social anxiety, I found a whole new side of the faire just by interacting with humans - merchants, actors, and festival-goers.

Of all the years I've been to the Ren Fest in the past, this year was hands-down the funnest. Enjoy the photos and join us next year! We'll be back for sure this time.