Batey Farms + Late-Summer Sunflowers

Is there anything more summertime than a field of head-high, fully-bloomed sunflowers?

No, no there isn't.

I'm so grateful for the south and the fact that, even amidst a busy city, you can find incredible stretches of farmland with thriving community vibes. Batey Farms is a 200-year old farm nestled right in the middle of my hometown and serves as a sweet but convenient respite from the city. In the springtime they host pick-your-own-strawberries and in the summer they open the sunflower fields for people to choose their stems or simply enjoy the view.

Also, they have homemade ice cream.

We slipped in on the last weekend to see the sunflowers, and boy were they ready for harvesting. Most of them stood taller than me, and their giant heads drooped beneath the sticky heat and the multitudes of bees who were making the most of the pollen jackpot.

I wore a slightly new chambray dress which I love for its simplicity, its versatility, and its giant pockets. Plus, with a neckline different to what I'm accustomed to, it gives me a new vibe without being wasteful. Belt, slip-on sandals, and a couple bobby pins. I was dressed in five minutes - one of my favorite benefits of a simple, curated wardrobe. 

Anyway, we're looking forward to sampling Batey's sunflower seeds in their On-Farm Store, hopefully soon!