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Travelogue: Round Top, TX

The Journal

A Nashville photographer's story blog.

Travelogue: Round Top, TX

Amy Roberts

If you'd told me last June how our lives would change in the space of one year, I would have been afraid. Afraid, because the balance of highest highs and lowest lows is so dramatic when I look back over the last twelve months. We have mourned the loss of two grandparents and one friend, witnessed our families shift and shuffle homes and lives, and have been to the other side of the world and back. Oh, and I graduated college. :)

It's been a hard one. So when my mother-in-law Emily mentioned that she was visiting her sister Sharon in Texas, I asked if I could come along. This was odd for me, because I hate the idea of imposing, but it was a gut feeling. My very bones knew I would need this, and that it would be good for me. (This was probably due to my thorough knowledge of how amazing Emily and Sharon are, especially when they're together.)

For four days, I wandered around shops, restaurants, and homes with these two, and I have never felt so restored by travel in my life.

Normally, I narrate trips in a journal-entry style and include everything about where I went and what I did. But that doesn't feel right for this post, because it wasn't about what we did. Our itinerary was loose at best, and some evenings we really didn't know what we'd do, if anything, until we felt like it. The places were great, the food was awesome, and the inspiration was everywhere (Texas knows how to vintage).

But at the heart of the trip was celebration and community.

It was like we were collectively feeling out our gratefulness for being alive, having survived what we've survived, and being with each other in this breath of time and transition.

And while we did that, we, you know, shopped and slept and ate tons of tacos.

Okay, maybe the tacos were just me.

So this post is a bit different. I'm just going to throw out some words that capture what I'm trying to get at, because to write it out would make four days into an actual novel. It's not because I don't want to write it, either. It's just that I've spent a few days trying to write it, and it's too much of a feeling to write. So, the words that feel the closest are:


Adventure Tonic
Communal Peace




Glean from this what you will. And, to fill in for the words that I still haven't said, enjoy the images I was thrilled to capture, which I think are each worth way more than a thousand actual words.




Round Top, TX

Image by Stacy Allen


I will interject here, because I was so happy to meet Stacy Allen at our beautiful B&B. She and her family were adorable, and she was generous enough to swap photo shoots with me and give me a couple lovely photos (these are tagged with captions). Her minimal blog is littered with stunning images and amazing tips, so please check her out, and if you're ever in need of a B&B in Texas you should consider The Vintage (not sponsored in any way).


I will always remember this trip as a feeling.

A good, good feeling.


There's a bit more on my Instagram Story Highlights, which is where you'll always find my in-the-moment updates when I'm on an adventure. How do you travel? Do you pack it in, or focus on the R&R?