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Two Hearts, One Forest

The Journal

A Nashville photographer's story blog.

Two Hearts, One Forest

Amy Roberts


When I was beginning the third grade, I was thrown mercilessly into class with my frienemy. It didn't last long, though. Soon we became absolutely inseparable, to the point that our favorite past time during recess each day was to walk far away from the playground into the fields surrounding. Just talking and wandering. There was a golfer nearby who routinely lost golfballs in those fields, and so our self-assigned "jobs" were to find and collect those golf balls.

Stealing? Maybe.

Still, not as a bad as when we literally stole candy from the reward jar during recess the next year.

We were very good at recess.

No matter where life has flung us (mostly her, to Germany and around the U.S.A.) we have always managed to take a walk together every so often. This spring, when we both needed it desperately, we walked together once again in our hometown.


Ever in her own Wonderland and fond of deathly things, she is incredibly good at finding mushrooms.

Ever obsessed with anything living and adorable, I found multiple snails.

A good haul, even by our 3rd grade standards.


It's crazy to me that, while far-off adventures are magical and hard and worth it, the most joy we ever really find is in moments of connection with each other.

Love you.